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Harbor Island Marina, Inc. offers a full-service boatyard and a professional staff of people, who will repair your boat and get your engine running properly.  We regularly haul out and block boats with our 25-ton open-end travel lift and our 12-ton travel lift, setting them on land for repair or storage.  Our employees are knowledgeable in repairing, rebuilding, and installing both gasoline and diesel engines.  We will lift out and set engines into boats.  We have mechanics available who will repair Volvo Penta, Mercruiser and OMC stern drives.  We will paint boat bottoms with antifouling paint and finish-spray paint boat hulls and cabins.  Our employees will sandblast and perform blister repairs, as well as repair minor fiberglass and gel coat damage.  We will repair running gear, align shafts and redress other related problems.   We offer machine shop and welding services.  Harbor Island Marina will install marine equipment of all types onto your boat.  We step and unstep masts with our crane or with one of our travel lifts.  We do swaging and rigging.  Shrink wrapping services are available.  We offer cleaning, power-washing, waxing, and detailing services.  Other services are offered as well. 



Harbor Island Marina is a do-it-yourself boat yard and as such, will allow it's customers, family members and close friends to work on their own boats at the marina.  Customers must obtain permission from marina management to bring other help, any paid help or outside contractors onto the marina premises to work on their boats.  Should the marina management decide to allow competitive labor to work on a customer's boat, the laborer must have proof of liability insurance coverage.  A 10% commission will usually be assessed by the marina on all charges billed to the customer by such competitive labor.  

Customers must comply with all environmental regulations while working on their boats.  For example: tarps or drop cloths must be placed on the ground underneath the work area while sanding or grinding on the boat to catch particulate matter generated during such work.  Customers must use sanders with vacuum bags attached.  The marina will dispose of used oil, old fuel, batteries, and antifreeze for a small fee.  There are other rules that customers must follow to protect our environment.  Please read the notice posted outside on the engine shop which explains these environmental regulations further.  Should there be any questions about these rules, please ask the marina management. 

Customers are required to pick up and clean up the area around their boats after each and every time that they work on their boats.           

All boats on marina premises must be insured and customers must provide proof of insurance upon request.

our employees while they are working!  They have a job to do & they will not be able to complete their work if they are constantly engaged in conversation.


The following labor rates are charged during the normal working hours: Weekdays (Monday - Friday) from  8 AM to 5 PM.  (A 1/2 hour minimum applies.) A $20.00 per hour additional labor is charged for working after the normal working hours, on weekends and on holidays.

Mechanical, Electrical, Machine Shop, & Welding - $70.00/hr

Spray Painting, Finish Painting, Fiberglass, Running Gear, Rigging & Swaging - $60.00/hr 

Sanding, Bottom Painting & Carpentry - $50.00/hr

Cleaning/Detailing, Wax, & Compound - $40.00/hr


All bottom-painting options include a very "light" sanding of boat bottoms (Enough for the paint to adhere.), scraping of barnacles from the running gear and boat storage until the work is complete.  Prepping of excessively fouled bottoms and running gear or sanding of antifouling paint that is flaked, pitted or chipped is not included.  The cost of zincs are not included in these rates.  Any boat storage, other than for the time taken for the marina to perform the bottom painting or other authorized labor on boat, is not included.  Marina will use antifouling paint with a list price not exceeding $130.00 per gallon, for Options 1 and 3.
POWERBOAT                                  SAILBOAT

OPTION 1:  Haul, Pressure Spray Bottom, Block, Sand & Paint bottom, Paint & Materials, Launch

Boat Length:

Under 25                                           $29.00/ft                                            $30.00/ft

25 - 35                                              $29.00/ft                                            $30.00/ft

35 - 45                                              $29.00/ft                                            $30.00/ft

OPTION 2:  Haul, Pressure Spray, Block, Sand & Paint Bottom, Launch (Customer supplies paint & materials.)

Boat Length:

Under 25                                           $24.00/ft                                            $25.00/ft

25 - 35                                              $24.00/ft                                            $25.00/ft

35 - 45                                              $24.00/ft                                            $25.00/ft

OPTION 3:  Sand & Paint Bottom, Paint & Materials (Boat has already been hauled & blocked.)

Boat Length:

Under 25                                           $19.00/ft                                             $19.00/ft

25 - 35                                              $19.00/ft                                             $19.00/ft

35 - 45                                              $19.00/ft                                             $19.00/ft

OPTION 4:  Sand & Paint Bottom (Customer supplies paint & materials.  Boat has already been hauled & blocked.)

Boat Length:

Under 25                                           $12.50/ft                                               $12.50/ft

25 - 35                                              $12.50/ft                                               $12.50/ft

35 - 45                                              $12.50/ft                                               $12.50/ft


Short-term dry storage is for those customer's wishing to perform their own work on their boat in the marina yard.  If the customer hires the services of the marina, the short-term dry storage rate will not be charged during the time that it takes for the marina to perform the requested "substantial" repairs to the customer's boat.  

This marina will not be responsible for any damage that may occur to sailboats that are dry stored with their masts still stepped.  Roller furling must be removed from sailboats before dry storage will be allowed at the marina.

Short-Term: Dry Storage (Non-slip holders) For do-it-yourself boat repairs - 75 cents/ft/day for the first fourteen days, then $7.50/ft/month rate applies 

Short-Term: Dry Storage (Slip holders only) For do-it-yourself boat repairs - 75 cents/ft/day for the first fourteen days, then $5.50/ft/month rate applies 

Winter Season: Dry Storage (Non-slip holders) - $5.00/ft/month

Winter Season: Dry Storage (Slip holders) - Pay slip rent plus additional $1.50/ft/month

Year-Round Long-Term: Dry Storage (Non-slip holders) - $5.00/ft/month

Summer Season: Dry Storage Rates (Non-slip holders) May thru October - $5.00/ft/month


A 25-foot minimum applies and all hauling done at times other than normal working hours need to add $1.00/ft to the hauling rates listed below.  A $25.00 fee is charged to launch boats that were dry-stored for the winter season & for long-term dry storage.  

Haul/Launch (Normal working hours):  Powerboats - $6.00/ft     Sailboats - $7.00/ft

Short Haul (Hang in slings - no blocking):  Powerboats -  $4.00/ft     Sailboats - $5.00/ft

Load on truck or trailer (Must be engineered for boat transport.) - $8.00/ft

Boats that use a double-strap set-up for boat hauling, will add an additional $40.00 to haul-out/launch fees.

Boats occupying or hanging in slings overnight - $40.00/night.

Back-stay removal & reattachment - $40.00 fee

Blocking (Customers are not to move boat stands.  Ask marina personnel.) - $3.00/ft 

Pressure Spraying - $3.00/ft     Pressure Spray by customer - $1.50/ft  


Sandblasting (This rate does not include the cost of the sand.) - $70.00/hour


The engines must be completely disconnected from boat & be ready to be lifted from boat.

Engines that can be lowered vertically straight into boat or lifted vertically straight out from boat will be charged as follows: Single engine installation - $75.00 (each way)

Twin engine installations (If done together.) - $75.00: 1st engine & $65.00: 2nd engine (each way)

Engines that are covered by cabin top, deck, engine compartment, etc. and cannot be lifted vertically straight out from boat or cannot be placed vertically straight into boat will be charged the above rates plus the $60.00/hour rate until job is complete.


Stepping & unstepping of masts using a travel lift & operator - $100.00/hr

Crane & operator  (1 hr min.) - $125.00/hr

Each additional needed employee  - $35.00/hr

USE OF TRACTORS                                                

Tractor (backhoe & front-end loader) & operator - $110.00/hr


Towing boats within the marina (Delivering boats to travel lift or to slip, etc.) - $50.00 charge

Towing boats outside the marina ($50.00 minimum) includes fuel & licensed captain (The hourly charge is applied both for the time to get to the disabled boat, as well as the actual tow time.) - $100.00/hr


Powerboats: Priced Below                     Sailboats: With Masts in - By estimate only.

Up to 20 ft  - $10.00/ft                              Transparent Companionways - $40.00 extra

21 to 25 ft  - $11.00/ft                               Radar Arch or Fly Bridge - $40.00 extra

26 to 29 ft  - $12.00/ft                               Swim Platform - $20.00 extra

30 to 34 ft  - $13.00/ft                               Bow Sprits & Pulpits - $20.00 extra

Over 35 ft  - By estimate only                Out Drives - $10.00 extra


Two pump-out stanchions are located on the fuel dock.  There is a $5.00 pump-out charge for each tank under 50 gallons capacity.  A $5.00 charge will be added for each additional 50 gallons of effluent that is pumped from larger holding tanks.

Note:  All prices and rates shown on this web site may be subject to change.  These changes may be due to rate increases, unforeseen circumstances or any other reason which is deemed appropriate by the marina management.  

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